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Celia Stewart Nutrition

Daniela – fatigue, blood sugar imbalance and digestive issues

” Before I saw Celia, I was suffering from a host of symptoms which were making me miserable, and were making me feel like I couldn’t cope with my hectic life: I work in the City and have a stressful professional career, and I am a single Mum to two young children. I was constantly tired, and irritable, and I found it hard to concentrate. I was waking repeatedly in the early hours of the morning, had digestive problems and intense sugar cravings. I was, and still am, slim, and in an effort to maintain my weight, I worked out and restricted my food intake, eating very little all day – but it would all go terribly wrong in the evening, when my tiredness would hit its peak and would succumb to chocolate and sugar. I would feel terrible afterwards: bloated, sick, disgusted – and yet I found it hard to stop the vicious circle. Indeed, if anyone had told me that I would be able to give up chocolate and rid myself of these cravings, I would never have believed them.

Things reached a peak when I contracted a virus and I found it very hard to shake the fatigue. This is when I contacted Celia, who was incredibly responsive and reassuring.

Celia’s approach is methodical and thorough. I completed a food diary and answered a questionnaire before we met. At our first consultation, she had already formed an idea of what the problems might be, and was brimming with positivity to get me feeling better, and had lots of great ideas. She explained everything very me, demonstrating considerable knowledge of her practice area, drew up a clear food plan for me, and diagnosed some supplements. It was an educating and enlightening experience.

Starting the plan was very easy as Celia’s enthusiasm for good health and nutrition is infectious! I wondered how long I would be able to keep it up, but Celia supported me via emails and telephone calls and, in fact, I found that I embraced this new way of eating, in particular as I could start to see tangible changes in my physical and psychological self almost immediately. I felt energised, far less tired, and my mind felt clearer. I felt much brighter and less irritable, much to the delight of my children! The episodes of insomnia started to decrease, and my digestion started to stabilise. Most amazingly of all, my sugar cravings disappeared. I would never have believed this was possible.

Seeing Celia has been one of the best things I have ever done for me, and my body – and also for my children, as I now view certain foods in a whole new light, and they are learning about good nutrition by my example..

I would highly recommend Celia to anyone who is suffering from the symptoms I had, and feels there is no way out. I cannot thank her enough for the things I have learnt, her guidance, support, and for enabling me to make changes my life in order to live it to the fullest”

Keith – eczema

I would like to thank Celia for restoring peace and comfort in my life. For thirty years I have suffered from a debilitating case of skin disorders diagnosed from psoriasis to eczema. I have taken a wide range of medicines over the decades from topical to oral. These treatments would calm the outbreaks but they always returned without warming and could last for weeks.

Then I met Celia and everything changed. She took the time to listen to my frustration and hopelessness of my condition with care and understanding. The words you spoke to me are ones that I will never forget and I share them often with anyone who will listen. You said “We need to treat you from the inside out—-not the outside in”. Truer words were never spoken. For decades I have applied countless topical treatments to my condition without remedy. You were the one to suggest a change in my diet and nutrition would be the key to restoring my health. I will leave to you to share my entire story with your clients.

The results speak for themselves. They say a picture is worth a thousand words. The pictures below are worth several thousand. Best of luck and many happy returns to you and your patients.

Joanne – IBS and weight loss

“Celia really takes time to learn about you as an individual, your history and symptoms and devises a nutritional programme specifically for you. Within a few months I’ve gone from having distressing digestive problems to being almost IBS free and over a stone lighter. Celia’s expertise and guidance has been invaluable. I couldn’t be happier.”

Douglas – advice on sports nutrition

I cannot thank Celia enough for her nutrition ‘know-how’ and helping me achieve as much as I have in cramming my sporting life into an already busy day. Getting older has proved challenging and nutrition has become so important to being able to maintain momentum and continue training whilst facing the daily pressure of work. The consultation process was very thorough and Celia’s holistic approach to health ensured she explored all avenues of my general health. Not only has Celia provided me with sound basic nutritional advice but her selection of appropriate supplements were well-targeted to my needs. I highly recommend Celia for anyone looking to optimise their health by taking the natural approach and supporting their body.

Antony – recovery from surgery and chemotherapy

“After a serious bowel operation last year my weight dropped dramatically, as did my energy levels. Prior to another operation my hospital recommended I consult a nutritionist urgently. And so I started working with Celia. Right from the start she showed great empathy in understanding my situation and great knowledge in recommending a roadmap back to health. Our lengthy Skype sessions have worked really well and I’ve appreciated the supporting materials she has provided to explain various conditions and their consequences. I would highly recommend her services and thank her for all her help. “