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Celia Stewart Nutrition

Non Exercise Activity Thermogenesis

NEAT, or Non Exercise Activity Thermogenesis, is a scientific description of the calories you burn during normal day to day activity. NEAT can vary between people by as much as 2000kcal per day (Levine 2004). As well as affecting your weight, sedentary living can have long term consequences for your health. So get out of…

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Look after your gut

LOOK AFTER YOUR GUT AND YOUR GUT WILL LOOK AFTER YOU! Your digestive system is a tube that runs down the centre of your body. If you imagine yourself as a donut then your gut is the hole down the middle. Your gut is one of your main interfaces with the outside world and it…

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Support your immunity

To protect yourself from winter colds and flu pay attention to your diet to boost your immunity (Marcos et al 2003). Your immune system is composed of a delicately balanced system of tissues and cells designed to protect you from invading bacteria and viruses and allergens. Physical barriers such as the skin, and the mucous…

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Hay Fever

Hay fever, or seasonal rhinitis, is suffered by many in spring, summer and autumn as tiny grains of pollen increase in out atmosphere. Clinging resiliently to our clothing and hair they pursue us even after we leave the source behind. Incidences of hayfever have risen particularly in cities which is thought be due to the…

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To buy or not to buy organic

Organic farming is a sustainable farming system which emphasizes developing healthy fertile soil, rich in microorganisms and natural minerals, maintained by rotating a mixture of crops, with minimal use of chemical fertilizers or pesticides. Advocates for organic produce claim that it contains fewer harmful chemicals, is more nutritious, and is better for the environment. A…

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